Screed machines are trucks built to fully automate the manufacturing process of traditional and lightweight drawers and sub-floors for the construction industry.

The Italian company Overmat develops automated mobile mixing and pumping plants for the in-situ production of fluid screeds, both traditional and lightweight.

What is screed

The screed is the finishing layer for the floor covering, used in commercial, civil and industrial environments and can be laid on the lighter subfloor.
It can have the consistency of a semi-dry product, composed of sand with a grain size of 0-4mm, 32.5R cement and possibly additives that improve its drying and workability – or it can be liquid, in the form of a mixture of aggregates, hydraulic binders and additives.

Producing the screed with Overmat

There are different ways of working the screed and subfloor, each with its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.
The production and drafting of these products is very demanding in terms of time, effort and cost. In most cases, certain uses require prior studies of the area to be worked.
Take, for example, the manual production of screed/subfloor. 
In this case, it is necessary to carry out a site inspection to verify the space available for the operation. The materials are then transported separately. A power source or generator is also required at the construction site. The dosing of the materials is done manually, so it cannot be certified and the homogeneity of the finished product is not guaranteed (but only correct for the moment by adding water).
Let’s not forget the packaging to be disposed of (such as cement bags) and the residual materials that have to be refilled and put back into storage.
Another possible case is when the professional works with concrete mixer wagons. Here, the product is manufactured in the concrete plant and transported mixed.
To carry out the work, the machine must be accompanied by tools suitable for pumping. 
In addition, the low specific weight of the finished material means that part of it remains in the machine and must therefore be disposed of within a short period of time.
The construction of the screed and substrate is known to be very demanding and hampered.

OVERMAT automatic mixing and pumping systems for the production of subfloors and screeds on site
For this reason, OVERMAT has been offering for years practical, reliable and innovative solutions to carry out work on site in the simplest and most efficient way possible.
Overmat designs and manufactures plants for the production of screeds (sand-concrete and self-levelling screeds) and lightweight substrates (with polystyrene and cellular cement) that independently dose, mix and pump the product directly on site.
These systems are installed on trucks or semi-trailers and are activated by the PTO of the vehicle itself or by an installed auxiliary engine.