OVERMAT screed machines are taking hold in the United Kingdom. Thanks to the prosperous cooperation with the English dealer Integrated Hydraulic Solutions Ltd based in Sheffield, our concrete screed machines are becoming well known on the UK market.
Liquid screed obtained from loose materials is the most popular product in the United Kingdom.

Photo: pumping mixer in work position

Working cycle

In order to obtain liquid screed, the Overmat machine is equipped with storage compartments for raw materials (sand, cement, water and additives) and conveying systems of these in the dosing and pumping mixers.
Specifically, sand is extracted by a horizontal belt, a screw conveys cement and liquids are dosed by flowmeters.
All these materials are first conveyed in the dedicated dosing mixer and then in the pumping mixer. The pumping mixer is parked at the back top of the equipment while driving on the road, it is hydraulically lowered to the ground when pumping on the jobsite.


Management and control

As for every Overmat equipment, screed is produced and pumped on the jobsite, in a short time. This is the case of an English company from Leicestershire who pumped 100 m³ in one day! It goes without saying that this leads to high money savings and to the ability to operate on different jobsites in the same day.

Photo: sand refill through loader

Moreover, the whole working process takes place in compliance with safety rules. As a matter of fact, the machine is managed from the ground, through the radio remote controller supplied as standard.
The on-board operator panel allows to check all parameters and to download – or print – the production data of every jobsite.

Overmat technology allows to display production data even from your office, thanks to an online app that records parameters such as GPS position and history of the performed jobs.

In short, the final product is certified and the costs of every jobsite are exactly tracked.

As mentioned above, the used materials are loose, for cost cutting and for packaging reduction. Refilling the machine is really easy and it can be done in your own depot.

Overmat’s liquid screed machines stand out for their unparalleled reliability and efficiency.


Patented solutions

The Overmat units delivered to this area of the continent can be also equipped with a probe which detects the percentage of sand humidity.
This patented device automatically corrects the quantity of water to be added to the mixture, according to sand humidity percentage. The final product is homogeneous and certified.

Photo: sand humidity probe, for homogenous screed

According to the needed volumes, Overmat screed machines are installed on trucks or trailers.

Photo: Overmat unit on trailer, here with pumping mixer in rest position


The particularity of the truck version resides in the parallelepiped-shaped sand compartment with tilting sides. These sides can be activated to completely empty the compartment, so that it is possible to fill it at its maximum capacity.
For this reason – and for others – Overmat concrete screed machines are compact and their reduced dimensions make them easy to be manoeuvred even in the places of most difficult access.

Photo: tilting sides of sand compartment – patented solution


For more information: https://www.overmat-screed.com/en/solutions/self-levelling-floor-screed-als/


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