Made in Italy, used worldwide

The quality, reliability and innovation that are characteristic of Overmat machines have led to their adoption far beyond Italy’s borders, making their mark in many European countries.

Quadratics Development, LLC
Address 7815 Ibn Rahweyah 24 Al Murjan 23713 Jeddah Phone +966500919130 Email Browse the website
Integrated Hydraulic Solutions UK Ltd
Address 1a Church Lane, Dinnington, Sheffield S25 2RG, England, UK Phone +44(0)1909569680 Email Browse the website
Antec Group Pty Limited
Address 33 Chicago Avenue, BLACKTOWN NSW 2168, Australia Phone +61294078099 Email Browse the website
Italia – Matteo Bez
Address Colle Umberto (TV) Italia Mobile +393493644140 Email
Address 36 Avenue Gambetta, 69250 Neuville-sur-Saône, France Phone 0658425061 Email
Overmat Deutschland GmbH
Address Wullener Feld 27, 58454 Witten Phone +49(0)23022022852 Mobile +49015144698463 Email
Overmat Belgium Bvba
Address Toekomstlaan 15, 2200 Herentals Phone +32(0)22530444 Email Browse the website
Mix Master International B.V.
Address Kanaalstraat 6, 5347 KM Oss - The Netherlands Mobile +31(0)623694531 Email
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