Reliability and expertise

Right from the first stages of design, the customer is served by a technical and commercial team that is ready to listen and advise.
The development of customer relationships based on trust and collaboration is fundamental for us. We listen to customers’ needs and we commit to the creation of reliable equipment that exploits the best of modern technology while at the same time remaining easy to use.

Innovative equipment

For traditional screed

  • Lift-up/drop-down mixing drum: raised during transportation to protect it from jolts and knocks, then automatically lowered to the ground on site during operation.
    The drop-down drum lowers the centre of gravity of the load (sand and cement), resulting in a vehicle that is always stable and well balanced.

For self-levelling screed

  • Sand compartment with drop-down sides — PATENTED SOLUTION —

Overmat has patented sand silos that can be tipped towards the conveyor belt, allowing for a 40% increase in capacity for the same belt length.
This results in a machine that is shorter and easier to handle for a given capacity, or a machine that offers much higher capacity than other vehicles of the same length. The centre of gravity for the load remains low, allowing for operation on surfaces that are not perfectly level. As there are no parts that rise higher than the top of the vehicle, the machine can also operate beneath power lines or overhead obstacles.
The system can also be produced in a version with the binder silo divided into two parts.
This is for materials with a cement base, allowing operation of one silo for cement and one for the filler.

  • Sand humidity probe

Overmat was the first to carry out real-time monitoring of sand humidity levels.
A probe, inserted into the flow of sand as it is loaded, measures humidity and allows for the volume of water added to the mix to be adjusted accordingly. This guarantees a constant level of mix fluidity, even with variations in sand humidity in the silo during emptying.

Lightweight subfloors

  • Overmat systems are fitted with double mixing tanks.
    Mixing takes place not just in the (upper) dosage tank, but also in the (lower) pumping tank. This means that the material is subjected to more mixing, improving the homogeneity of the final product.

Series T

for traditional screed and dry pre-mixed screed

screed machines
  • Traditional Screed

The OVERMAT T-series system is the ideal solution for the production of traditional screed.
It can produce all materials required by the client and is compact. In travel mode, the mixing drum lifts up and stows away for protection; on site it is lowered for operations to maintain vehicle stability and an extremely low centre of gravity.
The vehicle body always remains horizontal while creating mixes with total versatility.
Powerful software allows accurate control of all doses, from aggregates of various sizes, to binders, additives (in both liquid and gel form) and any fibres that need to be added.
The entire process is recorded and stored in the computer memory and can be downloaded either with a handy USB stick or using an on-board mobile internet connection.
This system is also available in a version for the production of dry pre-mixed screed.

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Series ALS

For self-levelling screeds on anhydrite or cement base

screed machines
  • Lightweight base slabs
  • Self-levelling Screed

The OVERMAT ALS-series system is the ideal machine for the precise production of self-levelling screeds.

It is the most compact machine in its class, thanks to the flat-bottomed sand hopper that unloads onto the conveyor belt. It has an extremely low centre of gravity thanks to the lift-up/drop-down pumping tank, which remains lifted up for protection during travel and then drops down for operation on site.
The system is fixed in a horizontal position and is highly versatile, creating whatever mix the customer requires.

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Series A/EPS

For lightweight subfloors and pre-mixed self-levelling screeds

screed machines
  • Lightweight base slabs
  • Self-levelling Screed

The OVERMAT A/EPS-series system enables lightweight subfloors to be poured with no hassle and total precision.

Its versatility and complete automation allow the operator to create mixes for insulation ranging from 100% foam (without aggregates) to 100% lightweight aggregates (without foam), as well as all ratios in between.

Thanks to the double mixing tank in the rear, the system doses all the components into the first mixer, then blends them in the second mixer, adding the foam in the third (static) mixer as required.

The entire process is constantly monitored by the on-board computer, ensuring consistent quality via a series of closed-loop controls. All the operating parameters are set via computer and then constantly monitored and corrected in real time, guaranteeing unbeatable product consistency.

As every single load is logged and stored in the system’s memory, all production can be certified and the data accessed via a web-based archive, satisfying even the most demanding clients.

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