More innovation, more growth

Overmat helps its customers improve their business model by providing technologically advanced machines and equipment that deliver automated production in the service of the operator.

The innovative processes and clear advantages offered by Overmat’s equipment create opportunities for companies to grow.


Choosing an Overmat system for screeds and base slabs offers a new approach to laying floors, resulting in faster processes, greater earnings through higher productivity and the potential for rapid growth.

Simplified logistics and increased profitability

Reduction in contract costs

Bulk materials are stored in dedicated compartments on board the vehicle.

No waste

The material is dosed perfectly and anything that is not needed stays inside the machine, ready to be used on the next job. This means that there is no waste material to dispose of – not even any packaging.

Non-stop operation

Work can continue regardless of the weather conditions, as the materials are always protected from the elements.

Less work for the operator

Mixing and pumping take place continuously and automatically. The operator does not need to be on board the machine as the entire process can be managed from the ground by radio control.

Agile and compact

The equipment can be deployed to multiple sites in the course of a single day as it can be set up in half the time that more traditional working methods require.

affidabilita Reliability

Every stage of design, construction and assembly of each machine is carried out exclusively by Overmat personnel. This guarantees the highest levels of control and safety at every step. Pre-delivery inspections are conducted by the same technicians who will train your operators.
All the systems are safe, and the use of hydraulic systems throughout the machine eliminates any risk of electric shock, as well as providing for powerful and reliable operation.

qualita Quality

Overmat’s intuitive technology means that operators no longer have to prepare mixes manually or load materials themselves. This results in increased production quality and significant time savings.
We are the only company in the world to have introduced a system for the analysis of sand humidity: this allows for the automatic adjustment of the quantity of water to be added without the need for operator intervention.
With our system, the computer corrects the amount of water in each load according to the humidity of the sand, thus producing the perfect mix without the need to modify the recipe manually.

velocita Speed

The automation of the mixing process saves time on site. Machines from both the ALS and the A/EPS series are fitted with a secondary mixer, allowing additional mixing to take place in the pumping tank. This results in a reduction in mixing times, with a consequential shortening of work cycles and an increase in productivity.
Speed and efficiency are also, and above all, key characteristics of Overmat’s after-sales service, which guarantees to send out any spare parts needed within 24 hours.

su-misura Customised solutions

We are constantly committed to finding the best solutions for our customers’ needs. Each new machine order begins with a preliminary analysis by Overmat technicians on site. Once the specific customer requirements have been defined, the most suitable machine is identified and then configured.
This personal service continues into the operational stage, ensuring the machine works at full capacity without impediment.

innovazione Innovation

Overmat equipment - which is made entirely in Italy – has transformed construction industry working practices in terms of time, quality and service. The simple and practical multilingual software interface makes the entire process truly accessible to everyone.
Our software allows for: the management and archiving of 40 different product formulae; password protection of the formulae; selection of the order in which materials are loaded; the simultaneous loading of a number of materials; the selection of mixing times and the mixing speed for each mixer; integrated diagnostics; and online assistance via the internet.

veicoli-piu-corti Shorter vehicles

Thanks to lift-up/drop-down drums (T Series), pumping mixers (A and ALS Series) and drop-down sides for sand silos (ALS Series), we are able to supply vehicles that are more compact than those of our competitors. Overmat vehicles are therefore shorter for any given capacity or of a higher capacity than other vehicles of the same length.

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