Truck versions
  • MSA 9.4 T PTO
  • MSA 15.5 T PTO
  • MSA 20.6 T PTO
  • MSA 20 TP PTO
Semi-trailer versions
  • MSA 13.4 TD
  • MSA 20.6 T R
  • MSA 24.7 T R

Premixed Screed and Traditional Screed

The OVERMAT T-series system, a versatile concrete screed pump, is the ideal solution for the automatic production of traditional screed and premixed screed.

It can produce all materials required by the client and is compact. In travel mode, the mixing drum lifts up and stows away for protection. On site it is lowered for operations to maintain vehicle stability and an extremely low centre of gravity.

The vehicle body is compact and always remains horizontal while creating mixes with total versatility.

Powerful software ensures accurate dosage control, from aggregates of various sizes, to binders, additives (in both liquid and gel form) and any fibres that need to be added.

The entire process is recorded and stored in the computer memory. It can be downloaded using an on-board mobile internet connection.

Premixed Screed

This system is also available in a version for the production of dry premixed screed. The dry premixed screed has the advantage of being able to proceed immediately to the laying of a floor. Without waiting even one day. Drying times are reduced and dimensional stability increases.

Traditional Screed

Traditional screed is a traditional cement-based mineral screed with normal setting and drying times and controlled shrinkage, with good mechanical strength. It si designed for preparing laying surfaces for ceramic tiles, cotto, natural stone, wooden parquet, resilient materials and decorative systems for continuous flooring.

The OVERMAT T-series, as a versatile concrete screed machine, is also adept at handling various types of screed, ensuring optimal preparation for all kinds of flooring installations.

The system is compatible with a liquid screed machine and can be used with different types of screed mixers, providing flexibility and efficiency in various construction scenarios.


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Technical table

MSA9.4 T PTO13.4 TD15.5 T PTO20.6 T PTO20.6 T R24.7 T R20 TP PTO
Sand volume9 m313 m315 m320 m320 m324 m3/
Cement volume4 m34 m35 m36 m36 m37 m320 m3 pre-mixed
Mixer vessel270 lt270 lt270 lt270 lt270 lt270 lt270 lt
Production (*1)Fino a 6 m3/hFino a 6 m3/hFino a 6 m3/hFino a 6 m3/hFino a 6 m3/hFino a 6 m3/hFino a 6 m3/h
Pumping height (*1)100 m100 m100 m100 m100 m100 m100 m
Pumping distance (*1)150 m150 m150 m150 m150 m150 m150 m
Vehicle3 axles truck4 axles truck4 axles truck5 axles truck3 axles trailer3 axles trailer4 axles truck
DrivingVehicle P.T.O.Deutz Engine TCD 3.6 L4Vehicle P.T.O.Vehicle P.T.O.Deutz Engine TCD 3.6 L4Deutz Engine TCD 3.6 L4Vehicle P.T.O.
CompressorScrew 6.100 lt @ 10 barScrew 6.100 lt @ 10 barScrew 6.100 lt @ 10 barScrew 6.100 lt @ 10 barScrew 6.100 lt @ 10 barScrew 6.100 lt @ 10 barScrew 6.100 lt @ 10 bar
Tare (*2)5,5 ton Vehicle excluded7,5 ton Vehicle excluded6,5 ton Vehicle excluded7,5 ton Vehicle excluded13,5 ton14 ton6 ton
(*1) According to the material and recipe used. (*2) Tares, weights and dimensions can change depending on the configuration.


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