Our mission

With passion and ambition, we create Made in Italy machinery to innovate your building site.

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Our values


We create new solutions to build your and our future.


We promote the acquisition of knowledge in order to obtain the best results.


We are driven by our desire to excel, to be the choice and not the alternative.


Our emotional drive that leads us to win all challenges and improve our standards.

Overmat has become a key player in the research and development of solutions for improving construction industry operations. Our systems enable the precise, efficient and rapid production of the widest range of materials required for the floor finishes needed on construction sites, whether they be base slabs or screeds for flooring.

The Overmat business unit emerged from a specialisation developed within the Ormet group in the late 1990s, establishing itself internationally in just a few years. Its business activities cover the design, production and sales of mixing and pumping machinery for screeds and lightweight slabs, as well as equipment for the logistics requirements of modern worksites.

The history of the business is closely linked to that of its parent company Ormet. Ormet was founded in the province of Treviso in 1972, starting out as a maintenance workshop for industrial vehicles. It later became a distributor for leading brands of hydraulic truck loader cranes and other lifting & handling equipment. At the end of the 1990s, initially in response to specific requests for special products, it began developing its own solutions for the construction and handling sectors.

A few years later the business unit adopted its own brand, taking the name of Overmat.
With its operational headquarters at just a short distance from the administrative offices of Ormet, Overmat’s facilities extend across an area of 11,000m² of which 3,500m² are under cover. Although still a young organisation, Overmat is highly organised, complete with:

  • a sales team providing daily support to customers;
  • a technical office that listens to the needs of customers and translates them into practical solutions; a customer training department;
  • a reliable and comprehensive after-sales service operation.

The evolution of Overmat technology

The best automated mobile batching machinery for mixing and pumping traditional and self-levelling concrete screeds and lightweight foundation slabs

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automatic mixers for screed

Research and consultancy

Listening to customers is a core part of our work.
Careful initial consultancy – carried out by technicians who spend time at worksites on a daily basis – identifies the most appropriate, simple and reliable equipment, offering the best possible performance.

This preliminary study enable us not only to identify the system best suited to the needs of the customer, but also enables it to be configured in the best way to meet both current and future needs.

We are convinced that, in order to stand out, it is essential to anticipate trends, while always responding quickly and efficiently to any challenges that arise.
This is why Overmat has broad horizons, offering its services as an innovative and dynamic partner that provides not just products, but more importantly solutions.

Modern worksites require cleanliness, efficiency and respect for deadlines. Overmat equipment offers a comprehensive response to these requirements, ensuring the best possible performance.

Certified quality

We have always operated in accordance with quality control systems that conform to ISO 9001:2008 and are certified by DNV-GL.

Overmat systems are constructed to meet all relevant European regulations, including the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive, and all carry the CE mark to guarantee operator safety.

All the combustion engines that we use conform to the latest regulations for the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and can be fitted with a particulate filter.

Hybrid or LPG vehicles are also available, for use in areas where conventional diesel equipment is prohibited.
All systems, whether mounted on trucks or trailers, are supplied complete with documentation suitable for vehicle approval in all countries.

Commissioning and training for use

We have a large demonstration area, where each machine is tested before delivery.

Furthermore, on request we can carry out trials using specific materials supplied by the customer.

Training in the use of our systems is an integral part of the supply process. Both in our test area and during commissioning on site, our specialist technicians will take you through using the machine and will be on hand for any questions that may arise, particularly in the initial period of operation.

After-sales service

After-sales service technicians will provide you with support throughout the working life of the machine. They are always ready to offer you useful advice and tips to help you get the most from your Overmat system.

We know how important it is to have an after-sales service that provides any necessary spare parts as quickly as possible and so our warehouse is kept well stocked and up to date.

Flexible operation

Operational flexibility is a characteristic to be proud of in today’s highly competitive market.

The operator’s interface on Overmat systems allows you to set all of the working parameters in a simple and intuitive fashion. This covers not only the timings for product mixing, but also the order in which the various ingredients are added, the operating speed and the sequencing of any simultaneous operations.

Once the work cycle has been started, the system can be operated by radio control, allowing the operator to focus on laying the material being pumped.

1972: Ormet is founded

It starts out as a workshop repairing trucks and tractors. It then begins to specialise in maintenance and assistance for trucks, and in the installation of loader cranes.


Ormet establishes IMAI as a subsidiary to develop activities in the field of lifting and handling on construction sites. The new company starts to develop designs for the first mobile batching plants for producing screeds and subfloors; a mechanism for rotating the silos was also developed.


The first machine for A Series lightweight slabs (foam concrete and polystyrene) appears, with fixed-position mixing silos.


In due course, the first machine for traditional screed (T Series) is produced, with screw-conveyor extraction and a fixed mixing drum.


The tilting system for silos and conveyor-belt sand extraction are introduced and refined in this same period.


The early 2000s also see production of the first machine for self-levelling pre-mixed screed with fixed mixing drums.


A restructuring of the Ormet group merges IMAI with its parent company. Its main activity is the creation of the Concrete MIXER business unit.


Development begins of the first ALS machine (for self-levelling screed) with drop-down sides in the sand compartment and a drop-down/lift-up mixing drum.


The Overmat trademark from the former Concrete division of IMAI is registered.


Exports start to grow in France, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Belgium.


Overmat produces the first machine for traditional pre-mixed screed and also installs double-mixing for the T Series (traditional). Later, it produces the first EPS machine (for lightweight subfloors) with separate compartments on board for cement and polystyrene.

screed machines

Logo restyling.


Overmat develops the multi-product machine MSA 13.6.3 TWIN PTO, which allows the production of both traditional screed, and self-leveling screed, thanks to a double interchangeable mixing system.


Overmat moves to its new headquarter in San Martino di Colle Umberto, where Ormet was born 50 years earlier.

The group

Ormet S.r.l., of which Overmat is a business unit, has more than 50 years of history. The company, with its administrative offices in Colle Umberto (Treviso), at the foot of the Venetian Prealps, is in an industrial area of more than 30,000m2, with 10,000m2 under cover. It employs more than 120 people across the following business units: