Available versions:

Truck versions
  • MSA 15 A PTO
  • MSA 22 A PTO
  • MSA 13.9 A PTO
  • MSA 20 PB PTO
  • MSA 20 A M PTO

Pre-mixed self-levelling screeds and substrates

The OVERMAT A-series system is an automatic mixer for screed that enables lightweight subfloors to be poured with no hassle and total precision.

The Overmat range includes different types of systems and screed mixers to satisfy the customer’s needs.
The variables may concern the mixing of the dough: from the single mixing tank system to the double mixing system, so as to be able to increase both the hourly production and the quality of the final product.

Completely automated, thanks to their versatility our automatic mixers for screed allow the operator to produce lightened substrates in all its variables, from a 100% foam product to a polystyrene-only product, as well as a mixed product. All of which can be controlled automatically and with dosages of the various certifiable components.

The features present in the 22 A PTO system (or 13.9 A PTO based on the chosen configuration) are important. The only system on the market capable of producing both a lightweight product (foam and polystyrene) and a pre-mixed self-levelling screed, even on the same day, loading two different binders into the two independent compartments.

Designed for versatility, the automatic mixers for screed in the Overmat A-series facilitate a streamlined and high-quality screed mixing process, accommodating various types of screed formulations.

The entire process is recorded in the system computer and can also be viewed on the internet, using a special data SIM installed on the machine.

The lightweight substrate is used as an intermediate level between the floor and the screed. It is made using a cement binder dosed at 250-350 kg/m3, a foam (obtained using a surfactant additive) and can possibly be integrated with a low specific weight insulator (polystyrene, perlite, rubber, cork, etc.).

The Overmat A-series screed mixers ultimately stand out for their unparalleled reliability and efficiency.


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Technical table

Binder volume15 m322 m313 m320 m320 m3
Extra binder volume//9 m3//
Dosing mixer350 lt350 lt350 lt350 lt/
Pumping mixer700 lt700 lt700 lt1000 lt1000 lt
Water tank2000 lt2000 lt 2000 lt 2000 lt 2000 lt
Foam concrete production *1Up to 25 m3/hUp to 25 m3/hUp to 25 m3/hUp to 25 m3/hUp to 12 m3/h
Production of lightweight subfloor with polystyrene *1Up to 14 m3/hUp to 14 m3/hUp to 14 m3/hUp to 14 m3/hUp to 14 m3/h
Self-levelling production *1Up to 10 m3/hUp to 10 m3/hUp to 10 m3/h//
Vehicle3 axles truck4 axles truck4 axles truck4 axles truck4 axles truck
DrivingVehicle P.T.O.Vehicle P.T.O.Vehicle P.T.O.Vehicle P.T.O.Vehicle P.T.O.
Tare *26,5 ton *37,5 ton *37,5 ton *37,5 ton *36,5 ton *3
(*1) According to the material and recipe used. (*2) Tares, weights and dimensions can change depending on the configuration (*3) Vehicle excluded


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